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Enrollment for 2023-2024 is now open

*Threes class only. Please read below for further information*


Enrollment Process

Registration for our Threes 2023-2024 class is still open!

The process is easy:

· Complete your registration application through our online portal (please email in order to receive the application).

· Your application will be processed, and you will receive an email regarding your enrollment status. 

· Once enrolled, you will receive an email inviting you to join our family portal containing the additional forms to needed to attend, and instructions on what comes next.

· Enrollment is considered complete when all forms have been returned and appropriate fees paid.

Space is still available for our Threes class for 2023-2024. Please follow the link above to enroll. Our Fours class is currently full.


If you'd like an email reminder for 2024-2025 open enrollment, please email Thanks! 

Are you interested in learning more about our programs?

Contact our membership coordinator today! or call 540-509-1374.


  • Why choose a cooperative preschool?
    Taking part in a cooperative preschool allows you to be directly involved with your child’s early education. Parents assist the teachers in the classroom and manage the tasks necessary to operate a successful school. It encourages families to share their interests and talents in the classroom, on a Board of Directors, or on committees. These direct efforts and involvement make the cooperative a unique educational opportunity. The children foster a love for learning as they are nurtured with acceptance and kindness by teachers and the cooperative family community. Parent education is stressed in cooperative preschools so that both children and parents receive the best education possible to assist and advocate for their future in learning. Source: VCPC
  • What if my child is not toilet trained?
    We do expect your child to be toilet trained by the time they attend our school.
  • Do I have to be a member of the Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg in order to enroll my child in Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool?
    No, the preschool is not affiliated with the church. Children and parents of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome, we are a secular preschool. Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool rents space on the church campus and has enjoyed a mutually supportive relationship since 1987. If you would like more information about the The Presbyterian Church in Fredericksburg you may find it here.
  • Is Financial Aid available?
    Yes, we do have scholarships available for certified applicants and current members. To learn more, please contact the Vice President.
  • Questions about registration?
    Contact our Membership Coordinator to assist you with any questions!
  • My child was on the waitlist last year, do I need to re-apply for the next year?
    Yes, while we will have your information on file, we will establish a new waiting list for each school year.
  • How does the waitlist work?
    Every child who has submitted an application will be placed on the wait list to fill our classes for the upcoming school year. After the enrollment period if our programs our full, your child will be placed on the appropriate class waitlist. You will be notified of their waitlist position. We keep the waitlist on file for the duration of the school year in the event an opening occurs throughout the year.
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