Below you will find useful documents, apps, websites and even power points that you can use to help your preschooler practice their letters, numbers and fine motor skills. More resources will be available for different seasons and months, so make sure to check back for new and exciting learning opportunities!

Educational Apps and Documents 

  • Letter Builders: Use these four shapes (Large curve, small curve, Long straight line, short straight line) to build every CAPITAL letter in the alphabet! Print these out and have your preschooler start building today!
  • Endless Alphabet: A fun, educational app that includes letter sounds, words and goofy monsters!
  • Letter Quiz: Practice tracing letters on your iPad or tablet with this FREE app!

Fun Activities

Want to build a Gingerbread house? Check out this powerpoint for step by step directions! Gingerbread House

Body and Mind

  • Conscious Discipline: How to handle Temper Tantrums

InBrief: The Science of Early Childhood Development
Handling Temper Tantrums – Conscious Discipline Skills