Parent Involvement

A cooperative preschool requires the involvement of the parents to keep the school running. Parents attend monthly meetings, participate in committees and serve (if elected) on the Board of Directors. Parents are also involved in the classroom by being the “parent helper” with their 2013-09-24 098 child about once-a-month. This enables the students to bridge their home life with their school life.

IMG_8548Parents can also use their special skills to enhance the school’s curriculum by speaking to the class about their profession, heritage or special talent like music or art. Parents can also chaperone their child on field trips throughout the year and holiday parties. This helps the child feel safe and secure as they explore their community.

Finally, family is a big part of FPI’s success. That is why we have events throughout the year that include everyone. Things like potlucks, play dates and picnics. We even have parent get-togethers for cookie and ornament exchanges! We even invite the whole family to attend special events like the graduation ceremony at the end of the year!

Board of Directors 

President: Tiffany Bryant at

Vice President: Jessica Allen

Recording Secretary: Brittany Stocks

Treasurer: Bonnie Rossi

Corresponding Secretary: Christa Vines at

Licensing: Kaelen Moses at