Our School Philosophy

Ours is a unique school with wonderful opportunities for our member families. It is a cooperative, non-profit, state-licensed preschool program with no religious affiliation. Our school is parent-run with an operating board of directors and a voting membership. The educational program is under the guidance of our paid teachers. The teachers are responsible for the classroom and curriculum and the parents defer to the teachers’ professional expertise. Our aim is to provide a happy, early school experience in a healthy purposeful setting where children may grow naturally. The unique and exciting value of a cooperative school lies in the learning experience it provides for the child and the participating families.


FPI believes that a child’s natural way of learning is through play. We believe the school should provide experiences that stimulate the child’s development, as well as encourage social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. We also believe the school should stimulate the child’s natural creativity and curiosity.

FPI does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender or disability as long as the student is able to function within our current facility. We also believe that children do best when they feel safe and supported. This is why our teachers focus on redirection and positive reminders whenever possible. Their philosophy is rooted in an approach called Conscious Discipline developed by Dr. Becky Bailey. She believes in coaching children through difficult emotions like frustration and anger. Here is a clip modeling Dr. Bailey’s strategies: