Facilities and Equipment


Fredericksburg Preschool, Inc. is a state licensed and insured preschool. The classroom allows room for center-based activities and play. There are books, puzzles, toys and games that are rotated to align with the monthly themes. Students are encouraged to choose their own centers whether it be at the sensory table, felt board, book corner, kitchen, dress ups, blocks, science area or art easel. It also has a child-sized bathroom located in the classroom.

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Additionally, there is a fenced in playground that includes a circle cycle, a spring-a-bout, and new play structure! It is all covered with "playground safe mulch" that is contaminant free. This provides the children with a safe and secure play area.  In case of inclement weather the children have a play area downstairs with tricycles, helmets, cars, scooters, balance beam and hopscotch.

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