Dr. Yum’s Preschool Adventure!

FPI is very excited to be a pilot school in a brand new preschool nutrition program, Dr. Yum’s Preschool Adventure. This program was created by pediatrician Dr. Nimali Fernando, MD., MPH., of Yum Pediatrics and founder of “The Doctor Yum Project” and speech language pathologist, Melanie Potock, MA., CCC-SLP., found of MyMunchbug.com and specialist on selective eating. ┬áThe curriculum spans the preschool year with nine individual and seasonal fruits each month. So far, we have made Watermelon Pops, Pumpkin smoothies and Sweet Avocado Mouse!

Yum Yogurt Yum watermelon Yum watermelon cups Yum smoothie Yum Pumpkin Yum Pour smoothie Yum mash Yum fruit cups Yum fruit 3