A Typical Day

The teachers at Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool have developed a yearly curriculum that integrates monthly themes, community helpers, holidays, colors, shapes, numbers and letters.  Often a typical day looks like this:

9:00-9:15am: Parent-helper and child-helper arrive at the classroom early for Special Helper Day! The parent has time to get instructions on how to assist in the classroom and the Special Helper has jobs to complete like dressing the Weather Bear and putting the day up on the calendar. Students look forward to this special one-on-one attention!

9:15-9:40am: Hello time and manipulative play! All the other students arrive at 9:15am and circulate through different puzzles, manipulatives and folder games that tie into monthly themes. Parents are encouraged to stay during this time because it is a great opportunity to play with their child as they warm up their creative minds!

9:40-10am: Clean up and Circle Time! After the children clean up their morning puzzles and manipulatives, the teacher leads the children into Circle Time. The Special Helper shares a show-and-tell item that is important to them, students share news, and the teacher introduces the activities of the day. We enjoy stories, finger plays and songs during this time too!

10-10:30am: Music class! (twice a month for each class) or Yoga class! (once a month for each class)

Firefighter kid

10-11:00am: Center-based free play! Students choose their own activities from the various learning centers set up around the room. There is a free art table, easel, writing center, dress-up area, kitchen and baby dolls, sensory table filled with different materials each month, puppet theater, unit blocks, science table, reading corner and a dramatic play center. Some dramatic play favorites are Farmers’ Market, Pet/Vet Center, Museum/Archaeology Box, Ice Cream Shoppe and Pancake House.

11:00-11:15am: Clean up and Story time! Students clean up the learning centers then sit down for story time. The teacher reads several stories that coordinate with the day’s activities while the parent helper sets up the snack.

11:15-11:20am: Hand-washing!

2013-09-24 096

11:20-11:35am: Healthy Snack time! The Special helper of the day provides a healthy snack with a grain, protein and fruit/vegetable. Currently, we are a peanut free classroom. Also, see our newest healthy adventure with Dr. Yum!

11:35-11:50am: Quiet Reading/Caring Circle: Students pick a book from the Reading corner and read in small groups with the teachers or on their own. Students also help send out caring thoughts to people who are sick or in need of well wishes! This teaches compassion and kindness.

11:50-12:15pm: Outdoor play! Students are encouraged to work on their major muscle groups outside on our safe, exciting and mulch-covered playground. We have a circle cycle, large climbing structure, playhouse and a grassy area for running, hula hoops, and bouncy balls. During inclement weather there is a large, indoor multi-purpose room for riding scooters, tricycles, small cars and other fun activities. For more images of our outdoor facilities, click on Facilities and Equipment.